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I can’t even begin to express my gratitude to you for these amazing activities. First off, they target so many goals and most importantly (to me) they are highly engaging. You truly have given me life during this crazy unknown new teletherapy world! And I love that these can all be used on the SMART Board via PowerPoint in person! You have found a gift!


—  Audrey Figueiredo, CCC-SLP


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We Build Our Ideas

We personally illustrate and produce all of our products in-house allowing us to create the most relevant and timely activities for you and your kids each month! Clients, siblings, parents, teachers, and therapists alike will fall in love with our beautiful illustrations, memorable characters, and silly storylines that come together to make GoGo Speech unique.

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You Choose Your Delivery Method

GoGo activities are being utilized by SLPs across a variety of delivery methods — online via green screen and screen share as well as face-to-face via tablet and SMART Boards for individual and group sessions! Given the flexible nature of our digital downloads, each activity provides a largely adaptable single-resource adventure for use across your entire caseload.

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Maximize Engagement

Kids learn best through play. Elicit language and laughter like never before and captivate your most difficult-to-engage kids through GoGo Speech’s fun-filled adventures. Spend less time working on attention and more time addressing goals. Your clients (and their families!) will be looking forward to each session, allowing you to feel more confident as a clinician.

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