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How to GoGo

The Most Versatile Resource for SLPs

GoGo Speech activities are essentially wordless picture books in digital form, designed to elicit rich language opportunities and maximum engagement from your kids! Our materials are designed to be used with any delivery method, making it the most versatile resource for any setting. SLPs and other professionals from all over the world are using our materials both online and in their face-to-face sessions. The perfect option for teletherapy, in-person therapy, or a hybrid approach while providing any individual, group, or whole-class instruction.

Green screen speech therapy activity background with showing a yellow bee, an orange butterfly, a red lady bug and a green grasshopper


Virtual Sessions

The best way to "play" online

In your virtual sessions, you can present GoGo Speech materials either (1) with a standard screen share of the PowerPoint activities or (2) as virtual backgrounds (with or without a green screen). With both of these presentation options, you should be able to use whichever platform you may be using to meet with your kids, as long as there is a screen share function.

Green screen speech therapy activity background where a green alien is holding fork and eating biscuits with a gingerbread family in space suits on the moon

SLPs and other professionals continue to have amazing success using our activities in whichever presentation method they choose to use. One method is to use our activities as virtual backgrounds which provides the additional benefit of having the clinician big on the screen with the activity.


The setup for using our activities as virtual backgrounds is easy! Find everything you need to know in our comprehensive YouTube tutorial video.

Green Screen Tutorial
Green screen speech therapy background where a blue bunny is answering the phone while holding a notepad and pencil


In-Person Sessions

Maximize efficiency with digital resources

In your face-to-face sessions, you can use GoGo Speech materials in a variety of ways depending on the technology that you have available to you in your setting. Present the PowerPoint versions via iPad/tablet, computer or laptop, or projected on a SMART board! You can even open up a Zoom meeting on your laptop screen so you can place your clients in the green screen scenes.

Green screen speech therapy background where a picky polar bear is staring at a fish burrito while it hangs on a fishing hook

GoGoMembers will also get access to our PDF companion books that go along with each activity, which can be printed and used in-person as well. These are great resources to promote carryover and additional opportunities for language tasks after an activity is completed.

Check out our YouTube video with several examples of real SLPs using and thriving with GoGo Speech activities in their in-person sessions.

In-Person Examples
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