He’s been around the house and chased outdoors but now the gingerbread man wants to take us through town! GoGo Speech presents the final production of the Gingerbread on the GoGo trilogy with our new Part III. This activity will allow your kids to continue all of the adventures from Parts I and II. Use this one-resource activity to target goals for your entire caseload and promote rich opportunities for speech and language. Follow the gingerbread man’s clues and interact with people and animals while you try to catch that cookie in his tracks! You better be quick, though! If you don’t stop him now, you might just find him in a galaxy far far away! 🌔  💫 🍕


Check out our full length demo video and see Gingerbread on the GoGo Part III in action on the GoGo Speech YouTube Channel.

Gingerbread on the GoGo Part III

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